Laundry Day

One of the things you hear most when getting advice as new parents is how much laundry you’ll be doing.  You’d think we’re going to be standing in front of the washing machine 24-7.  So, since we’ll apparently be seeing a lot of the laundry basket, I figured I might as well get one that’s nice to look at.  The problem?  Not so nice on the wallet.  It’s not that they’re outrageously expensive, but I just couldn’t justify spending $30+ on an item that will essentially be a storing ground for poop and spit up.  Plus I didn’t like any that I saw for sale, and wanted it to match the other fabrics I’d been using in the nursery.  So I decided to hit up Ikea for a cheap hamper and give it a little makeover.

Before:  $4.99 Ikea Jall laundry bag.

Then I stopped at my BFF Joann’s for some fabric quarters.  You’ll need 4, one for each side (duh).  I used two different fabrics for mine.

They come in 18″x21″ which is a little wide, so you’ll need to cut off about 2.5″ from the width of each square to make it 15.5″x21″.  Save the 2.5″ excess you cut off, you’ll need it for the ties.

Then, pin the right sides together of two pieces, separately.

Then open them up and place the right sides together again, and pin together all four pieces.

When you turn it right side out, you should have the basic shape of the cover.  Slip the cover over the bag (but under the frame) and make any adjustments, if needed.

Next, sew all the pieces together (I didn’t take any pictures of this, I assume if you’re interested in making this you already know how to sew.  Also, I am not one who should be giving sewing tips…).

Once sewn together, iron the the seams down.

Then press a hem (or a seam? I told you I shouldn’t be giving sewing advice… I don’t even know the correct terms!) around the top and bottom of the cover.

Then take the excess fabric you cut off earlier, and cut each piece in half so that you have 4 strips, each at 2.5″x11″.  Fold them in half vertically, right sides together, and press with the iron.  These will be your ties.

Back to the sewing machine.  Fold over the top of the strip about 1/4″ so that the wrong sides are together, and sew.  Do this for the bottom of the tie as well, for each tie (this gives you nice finished ends).

Then sew the right sides together of each tie, and turn the tubes right side out with a safety pin.

Pin each tie to the top of the cover over your pressed hem, along the seams where the (in my case two) fabrics meet (the corners of your cover).  Sew all the way around the top of the cover, sewing down the hem.  Then sew down the hem on the bottom of the cover as well.

Slip the cover over the plastic bag (but under the frame).  In order to get the cover to stay attached to the frame, cut a small hole on the inside of the plastic bag at each corner where the frame slides through the bag.  Slip the tie through, and knot.

Now you have your own custom laundry bag!

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9 Responses to Laundry Day

  1. Emily says:

    Such an easy idea but a really great result! I love the night light in the corner too. :)

    Hint: a seam is when two pieces of fabric are joined together, a hem is when you are finishing off the edge of a single piece of fabric. :)

  2. Whitney says:

    Hi, I just found your website through Ikea Hacker. Love your style! Would you mind sharing where you got the knobs on your Ikea dresser?

  3. josie says:

    This is such a cute idea! But I have one question – there’s no bottom to your cover right? Just the four sides?

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  5. Courtney T says:

    Hi! I love this idea, I’ll make it for sure! Can you give me a hint on where you found your rug? I’m finding it impossible to find a good pink rug! :)


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